Worship & Arts

The Worship & Arts Ministry exists to lead others into an authentic worship experience with God.  We innovatively approach the creative arts to capture the Glory of God through song, dance, music and drama.

New Birth Total Praise Choir

Total Praise Choir

Total Praise Choir are the gatekeepers!…The levites assigned to usher the people of God  into His Glory through the ministry of song.

Nation of Jesus Men’s Choir

The Nation of Jesus Men’s Choir are a radical group of warriors for the Lord who love to sing His praises!

Kingdom Sound

Kingdom Sound are the gatekeepers on the front line of worship, leading the congregation into the presence of the Lord and an experience with Him.


The New Birth Dance Ministry are the levites who come forth and nterpret the preached Word through liturgical dance.  The Dance School gives the  dancers biblical foundation as well as technical training in various forms of dance, pageantry (banners, flags, streamers etc.) and servant leader skills.


The Drama Ministry at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is innovative, and inspirational.  It’s a gateway to entertainment that complements the word of God, through creative presentations that continuously seek to unify and propel the body of Christ.

Sounds of Praise Handbells

The Sounds of Praise Handbell Outreach Ministry serves New Birth and the Community, especially Seniors and those with various challenges.  We share His Love through Beautiful, Encouraging, Lifting, Laudable, Sounds.

Da Posse (New Birth Band)

Da Posse are anointed minstrels who accompany all facets of the Worship and Arts ministry.


Next Generation Children’s Ministry Choir
& The New Sound Arts Ensemble

The New Sound Arts Ensemble is New Birth Student Ministry’s chorale of teens who share their faith in Jesus The Christ through the performing arts of acting, dance, mime and song. Perfecting the Arts in the Name of Jesus Christ New Birth Student Ministry share in their enthusiasm and encourage their gifts and talents to bring the awareness of Christ to young people everywhere.

Rehearsal Times
Next Generation Choir – Wednesdays 7PM
New Sound – Wednesdays 7PM