Summer Joy Week 6

Summer Joy, oh my, what a wonderful time in the Lord.  The psalmist by the name of Aretha reminded us to trust in the Lord.  A melody of peace, power, comfort, and encouragement was released into the atmosphere and all the concerns and cares of the people dissipated.  A gift sent from heaven to remind us that God has everything in control and we can truly rest in His finished work.  It was indeed another moment in time where the principles and precepts of the Lord were taught.   Minister Linda Simmons is a vessel of God who is endowed with many gifts and we were honored to sit at the table of a teacher who has allowed God to mold and shape her.  Minister Simmons is a powerful woman of God who walks in integrity and wisdom and yes, I must mention her gift of exhortation and compassion.  Minister Simmons taught from chapter ten of “Be Joyful” and she reminded us that Paul was single-minded, submissive, and he also had a spiritual mind.  

As Christians, we must emulate the word of God and follow those who follow Christ.  We should emulate those who are walking according to the kingdom of God.  As the lesson was taught, we quickly dove into the heart issues.  Minister Simmons asked us, “What is causing us to weep?”  Minister Simmons informed us that Paul was heartbroken over the way some professed Christians were living.  She told us that the Judaizers were those who were enemies of the cross of Christ and their minds were focused on earthly things and not spiritual things.  We must make sure that our thoughts are aligned with what is in God’s word.  We should make sure that our minds, words, and actions exemplify the character and nature of God. We must make sure that the things that concern God concern us too.  

Do you know where you are going?  Well, sometimes, we become entangled with things of the past and present because we do not have a clear understanding of our future.  Minister Simmons shared that the dwelling place of God, heaven, is near.  The Christians who have an authentic relationship with God know that their eternal home is a place of peace, heaven.  Our names are written in the book of life and we receive a glorified body when Christ returns.  We have dual citizenship-on earth and in heaven.  We should be those Christians who move with compassion and speak with love.  Our words should be seasoned with grace and earth should be better because of our reflection of the kingdom of God here on earth.  

We should be loyal to the cause of heaven.  We have been commissioned to be ambassadors of God’s government and we should make sure that we are being great representatives of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We should examine ourselves and make sure that we are not a pretender, but an authentic vessel that is worthy to be called a Christian.  We should be that vessel that edifies, empowers, and exhorts others. 

Jesus carried the cross and suffered for us.  We are privileged to say that we have a passport that gives us access to heaven.  It is our duty and responsibility to show others how to receive their passport to the kingdom of God.  We must break the power of the past and help others to walk in freedom.  We are a royal priesthood, kingdom builders, and kingdom seekers! We are a powerful and prepared bride that is waiting for the return of the King.  While we wait for the King to return, we occupy and do the business of the Lord.  We move with compassion, we do good works unto the Lord, and we allow God to arrange things in our lives.  

Memory/meditative scripture:  Philippians 3:17-21

Additional scriptures for study:  John 14:1-3; Psalm 33; Acts 1:11; Hebrews 11; Revelation 21; Romans 5:8; Romans 12:1-2

Let us change our minds, help others to change their minds, and let us all be transformed by the powerful word of God.  

Make it a joyful day!

Written by Minister Bawayna Thompson

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