Summer Joy Week 4

The Summer Joy series continues with excitement, zeal, and of course, joy.  We had an opportunity to hear from two powerhouse teachers.  These teachers have been trained, pruned, and tested and we were blessed to sit in the midst of such wisdom, honesty, and transformative power.  Minister Barlow and Elder Barlow taught about how some things in the past can be a hinderance, but it can also be a set up for a powerful ministry of healing and deliverance.  We had an opportunity to see the meeting of the counselor and the comedian, better yet, we witnessed the joining of grace and the breaker anointing.

God has a great plan for our lives, but we each have decisions that we have to make daily that will keep us on God’s path of success or we can create our own path of success.  Paul was one that had to count the things that he had done and reflect on how it was a loss or a gain.  We must also be honest with ourselves and do a self-inventory and count the things in our lives that are tangible or intangible.  We must look at the things that we run after and truly look to see if they reflect God’s mirror and purpose for our lives.  We compare ourselves to others and lose focus of the greatness that is within us. Sometimes, we can get off course and run after things in the world. We can run after education, popularity, and/or status when God wants us to run after Him.  When we are God-focused, all the things that He has established for our lives will be added unto us.  Now, that is a great gain! Are you counting?   

The dynamic duo shared with us how running after the things in the world almost cost them their marriage, their true purpose, and their legacy.  What things are costing us our identity, purpose, and legacy?  Do you we have losses or gains?  Our gains in life should bring glory to God.  We must make sure that we are God-centered and not self-centered.  We must not allow our past mistakes entangle us and keep us in a cycle of bad decisions.  We have to decide to live for Christ.  Minister and Elder Barlow taught us how we must move from religious jargon and behaviors and move into a true intimate relationship with God.  When we live for Christ, we lead people to Christ for the knowledge of Him is gain.  

Remember that the joy that you have is deep down in the soul and it cannot be taken away.  Take off self-righteousness and put on the righteousness of Christ.

Memory/meditative scripture: Philippians 3:7-9

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