Summer Joy Week 2

Summer Joy Week 2

Elder Vicki Lister was the teacher for the week two of Summer Joy.  She is a woman of God who is able to wade in the shallow or deep waters of life.  She allowed us to peek into her life experiences and glean from her field of wisdom.  I was not for sure if I should hold my pen ready to write down the nuggets or just throw it on the floor because I just could not keep it together.  Elder Lister told jokes that led to a combustion of laughter and joy in the room, yet she still taught and divided the word of truth.  Now, that is a great teacher!

A few things to remember from last week would include that Jesus left us with joy that remains.  We have to hold onto the joy because it belongs to us.  We must not allow anything or anyone to take our joy.  As we walk this path of righteousness, we must have a single mind and stay in fellowship with God Almighty.  The key is to put Christ first, others second, and ourselves last.

The greatest example that we should exemplify is the life of Jesus Christ.  He was powerful, yet humble.  He was a man of service, sacrifice, unity, and joy.  Although He knew that one among His chosen ones would betray Him, He washed his feet and showed us how to be a servant and portray unconditional love.  If we each focused on being humble and joyful, I wonder how the world and nations would be impacted.  What if we coupled those two things with unity, service, and sacrifice?  I truly believe that many of the things that we experience would be solved if we modeled the kingdom of God.

There are many things in life that attempt to pull us away from walking in our power and purpose.  The enemy will attempt to fill our minds with thoughts and words that are contrary to God’s word.  Some of the ways that he causes there to be strife and contention are through accusation, deception/manipulation, and temptation.  It is up to us to choose joy and not sorrow.  We must choose to emulate the heart of God and serve without any hidden agendas.  We must have an outlook that looks for the best outcome.  Our minds must be submissive to the Word of God and we should not avoid sacrifice.  When we appropriate the Word of God, nothing or no one can stop us from walking in unspeakable joy, that joy that overflows.  Come on church, make it a joyful day!

I will sign off by saying bye Felicia.  Or should I say, “Saquita go on now.”

Memory verses:  Philippians 2:3-4 and Philippians 2:9-11

Written by Minister Bawayna Thompson

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