Prophetic Word

Prophetic Sound of New from Words of Life Prophetic Team
New Birth Cathedral
March 2, 2020

New Birth:


Sons and daughters, as you live your life intimately emerging yourselves into My presence, I am causing a rapid acceleration for the emergence of multi-generations through “yielded methodicalness.” Yielding, which brings peaceable fruits of righteousness, surrendering and transferring all of yourself to Me and trusting, through faith in My plans and purpose for My church in the spirit of meekness. You, who are “spiritual “or “perfected “in Me, has nothing to do with biological age.


You are zooming down a spiritual runway rising, climbing, and accelerating with spiritual maturity as maturity is the perfect gift, I have stored for you as a reward for all that you have endured, yet still standing. In your ascension, see beyond your take off point. Allow your praises and worship to rise to Me. Make clouds which swell up from your worship that will manifest My glory. In doing so, you will blissfully travel on a continuous glory cloud. You will be My faithful witnesses, loving my people, as I am in love with you. You are My living witnesses who have experienced the manifestation of My goodness, grace, and mercy. Make your living relevant to My word, as My living Word has given you spiritual authority with no credibility gaps.


Approach always, My Kingdom with big picture views. My mighty love is worth finding and sharing. Attract all people from outside of the church to a beautiful love story centered on My unconditional love. My love fills the longings and inward needs in the human heart. You are an extension of My love. Experience and enjoy My Word and My special favor. Rejoice in My truth through the gift of prophecy. I am bringing change into your lives. You are becoming a significant change element in your sphere of influence. You are My spiritual giants and I desire to communicate with you, in you, and through you. Rising Above the Impossible, with the focus on one thing –Yielded Methodicalness.


Prophetic declarations by Elder Linda Simmons