Prophetic Word

Prophetic Sound of New from Words of Life Prophetic Team
New Birth Cathedral
January 6, 2020

New Birth:


My sons and daughters look up with great anticipation for there is a lot that I am revealing in this hour. I am giving you insight that will propel you into the next assignment you are to complete. Many of you say that you are excited about going into this new year, but have not truly sought Me out to see what I am showing you. Take your rightful place in Me and follow the course I have prepared for you. What I have given to you is for innovative business strategies and unique placement opportunities in the music and product development industries. I gave you ideas in the past that were just pieces of what is now coming forth. Put the pieces together and complete the puzzle. I kept you from sharing your ideas with others because they would have disclosed information that was meant to remain protected as intellectual property. Get your patents and copyrights in order. I have provided the resources to do so.


Raise your heads with dignity and honor. I am exchanging your pain and sorrow with gladness and joy. I am calling you to rebuild your neighborhoods and other cities you did not build. Before you were in bondage, you were great Kings and Queens. It is time to rewrite the narrative with boldness and authority. Awaken the royalty that is within you and the world will witness true change. The violence and killings that are currently occurring among My people will begin to diminish. The projected prison profits will vaporize and force many prisons to shut down. I have turned the tables and I will get the glory. Rise up and show the world who you are by awakening to the sound of rejuvenation.


Prophetic utterance by Minister Jenson Fahie




Rejoice My sons, rejoice My daughters for I, the Lord Almighty, am upholding you. I have not left you to fend for yourselves, but I am here to protect you, provide for you, to defend you, and ensure your needs are met. Keep your hope in Me and trust Me. Remember that I am the maker of heaven and earth and My resources never run out. Remain close to Me and call out to Me, I will not disappoint you nor will I let you down. My care and concern for you are greater than you can imagine. I will not allow you to be overlooked. Many people have disappointed you with false promises, but know that I am a promise keeper and you can depend on Me. Simply, trust My timing and wait on Me.


Release the weight of feeling that you are on your own, for this weight is causing you frustration, depression, hopelessness, and signs of sickness. Speak out of your mouth, that I, the Lord, am the One who is upholding you. As you speak these words, you will be strengthened in your spirit, in your mind, and emotions. I am upholding your finances, your health, your family, your legal concerns, and all that concerns you. Place your cares and concerns before Me and I will be your guide. Follow My instructions for I will not lead you astray. I will expose those who try to take advantage of you, for what they do in the dark will be brought to light. Be at peace, you are covered and you are protected.


Come closer to Me. Establish a time in your day and a new place to meet Me for an intimate time of prayer, worship, and study of My word. It is in this time that I will reveal more of Myself to you. I will give you a deeper understanding of how much I care for you. Know that I desire so much greatness for you that will be fulfilled in your life.


Prophetic utterance by Elder Karen Stanback




My sons and daughters,
As we enter a new decade, I am calling you, My youth, to recalibrate. For your time of wandering and wondering has come to an end. You have wandered in the wilderness long enough. Many of you have circled the mountain of defeat and the mountain of not good enough for too long. I’m raising you up as trailblazers to pave the way for others that have circled the same mountains. I’m calling you to the forefront as your time to arise has come. Countless of you have wondered if I have need of you. The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. You have been created just for this time. Many of My people have been fooled by the enemy, allowed their ears to become dull and their vision impaired causing them not to see or hear Me clearly. But you are My chosen vessels in this season that will lead My people to a greater glory and a greater victory.


I am creating a Nehemiah generation to rebuild walls that were previously torn down by racism, sexism, ageism, classism…shameful discrimination. My Nehemiahs, arise, for I have strengthened you with persistence and courage to push beyond these barriers and to withstand the days that lie ahead. You are My chosen generation and I have selected you to conquer the spirit of mediocrity that has fallen upon the earth. You have been anointed as undercover representatives of my Kingdom as I have empowered you in the areas of business, media, entertainment, medical and religion. The time has come for Me to elevate you to higher ground, away from all distractions, to shine My glory in areas where it has been diminished and overlooked.


I’m strategically placing you, My youth, in boardrooms, stages, and arenas that have been filled with biased contentions and discriminatory antics. I can trust you to move as I instruct for you’ve been processed and delivered. Will you join My crusade? This is the hour of great decision…and great elevation if you so choose to embark upon this journey with Me.


Prophetic utterance by Minister Fonda Fahie


United States of America/Nations:


I have sent a ray of sunshine for immigrant families and children in the United States of America; I AM causing magnifying glasses to spread the significance of the inhumanity of your woes on the Southern border; however, I AM sending a ray of hope and a wind of freedom in the land. I hear the cry of My people: cries of hunger, pain, malnourishment, fear, and mental suffering. Even in your present condition, I send help your way from churches and concerned citizens of the United States. I have already defeated every stronghold; I have tied the hands and the feet of the strong man. I have caused transformation in the land because you asked for wisdom, and I granted it. Within the next two years, December 2021, immigrant families and children will be reunited; I Am providing a path to citizenship for immigrant families as well reparations. I AM God, the Father to My people and I have established you for My inheritance; I have made prosperity possible for all immigrant families in the United States of America. Hear My voice and do My will!


I hear the raging and rumors of wars in the nations; countries are clamoring for power and dominance, but I AM God of the entire universe; I set kings and remove kings. I AM King of kings and Lord of lords. My Kingdom is Eternal and in it, there is no end. I have given every nation on earth, unique natural resources for their regions: I AM calling nations to share resources and not engage in war of words and deeds to gain leverage or control of one another. I command the blessing of prosperity upon the nations for sharing with neighbors. Hear My call to alliance, but most assuredly, reliance on Me. To the nations: I AM your God. In the year 2020, My mandate is peace among the nations. There is now, peace with the United States of America, with Europe, Africa, North Korea, and South Korea. My peace brings fountains of love among you to foster world peace and prosperity to spread across the universe. The nations are Mine to bring forth a people to share My Word throughout the hemispheres for a new birth of souls to worship Me in all the earth.


Prophetic utterance by Elder Barbara Winters



  1. I declare an innovative sound in the corridors of New Birth that shall bring about pure worship throughout the land. We are clothed with dignity, honor, and royalty!
  2. The widows and widowers know that God is near and He is their provider! I declare an abundance of joy, prosperity, and good health in the lives of widows and widowers!
  3. I call forth the generation of Nehemiah and I declare that you shall build the kingdom of God in the boardrooms, stages, and arenas. You shall stand with boldness, power, and authority and slay the giants of racism, sexism, ageism, and shameful discrimination. You operate with a spirit of excellence wherever you go!
  4. I pronounce prosperity and restoration over immigrant families and I declare unification and peace in the United States of America and nations across the land.


Prophetic declarations by Elder Bawayna Thompson