Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word for New Birth October 2019

Where are My Kingdom citizens? Why have you fallen asleep at the wheel? It is time for you to arise and chart the course I have already designed for you. This is your time to be light in a dark age. As a child of My Kingdom, you have the responsibility to lead as I have commissioned you, even before you were in your mother’s womb. Your Kingdom Constitution is My Word. Abide in it and live it out. Be My demonstration of a Kingdom citizen, who abides by My will to show others how to live an abundant life of love and humility. Draw others to Me through My Word. Spread My Word around the city and as you crisscross the United States of America; in addition, I AM calling you to take My Word to the nations, even through social media, and through the use of intellectual properties: books, teaching manuals, online courses, and video conferences. Go to highways and by-ways of even the most remote areas to give a new birth to more of My people. Introduce My Son to all you see, so that they can also spread the Good News of My Eternal Kingdom.


I AM curing American citizens of an identity crisis, NOW! American citizens have lost their way by thinking the place of their birth and man-made laws are the be-all and end-all. You, New Birth, are My ambassadors in the earth and are activated to follow My Commandments and show the people of this nation that to be born again through belief and confession that Jesus is My Son and their Savior, make them My citizens. All who believe in My Son shall have abundant life. My kingdom citizens come to America from around the world. Come! Come here from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Africa. New Birth spread My Word and invite the people to eat from My table that overflows with blessings of Love and Wealth to continue the process of discipleship. Through your witnessing, I AM healing this country of her identity crisis; you must lift My name to all and bring a new day in the United States of America.


The whole world must learn about Me. New Birth, I AM navigating you around the globe to start a world crusade. As a global citizen of My Kingdom, I send you into Zimbabwe first. Why Zimbabwe? This southern African country is rich in resources and hard-working people, who need your touch of compassion from Me. The land is rich and underdeveloped; the people need health services and medical care as well as more resources in education. Doctors, nurses, research technologists, and educators, go to help My people to live more productive lives, to help children and youth complete their education and live according to My plan for their lives. Therefore, train others to become doctors, educators, lawyers, and researchers in medicine. Here, is the capacity to cure diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and other physical and mental disorders. Nurture My people in Zimbabwe to become My duplicates. I have sent you to transform nations for My purpose, by meeting the people’s needs, as you teach and disciple them to bring a new birth to the nations.



  1. We pronounce that we are God’s Kingdom citizens, who are light in dark places.
  2. We take our place as ambassadors when we follow God’s Commandments.
  3. We decree that we spread the Word of God, even by using social media and intellectual properties to bring others to serve as citizens in the Kingdom of God.
  4. We proclaim that all people will experience God’s sanctuary of blessings from on High as sons and daughters of the Most High God.
  5. We declare more love and wealth, shared by all in New Birth and around the world, because we are children of our Eternal Father in Heaven.
  6. We, at New Birth, are mandated to go into the entire world to spread the Gospel of Peace, for example, to Zimbabwe to promote good health and education, so that God’s people may become productive Kingdom citizens.

Prophetic utterance by Elder Barbara Winters
October 4, 2019