Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word For September 2018

My sons and daughters make room for Me.  It is My yearning to have a true relationship with you.  You must remove the clutter and chatter from your mind and heart.  They are pulling you from Me.  The clutter of confusion, doubt, and worry.  The chatter of this world is hindering the truth that I want to show you regarding who you are and what you are to accomplish in this season.  You are a mighty people and I have purposed for you to do mighty things, which will turn this world right side up.  I have called you to be examples in a world that has turned its back on My ways.  Many of you have crowded Me out with the cares of this world – chasing dreams I never ordained.  Don’t crowd Me out with your busyness…busy lives of entertainment and selfish desires.  You’ve even gotten so busy doing My work that you’ve neglected Me in many ways.  Don’t fall into the age-old trap of busywork that creates a façade of worship, edging Me out.  Make room for Me so that you can rest in Me.  You’ve pushed Me out.   Make space for Me as the woman from Shunem did for Elisha.  But I don’t seek a temporary quarter – I must abide with you and reside within you in order for you to rest in Me.  If you would rest in Me, you’ll see that entrances into precious, unknown gateways will emerge and open up on your behalf.  These gateways grant you open access to the things you’ve prayed about and for many of you, it only flashed through your mind as you considered it not worth praying to Me about.  I am the God of the supernatural.  You’ve been running to and fro, looking for an answer, looking for a way – settle, be still and know that I am God.  For the time is coming – and it’s quickly approaching – you must be well rested and alert for this next pivotal movement.  Generations are depending on the success of this movement.  This is the movement of unusual victories upon this earth.  But you must be settled in Me, flowing with My Spirit, trusting Me to lead you into this new era for My people.  There are exciting surprises awaiting those who take immediate action in receiving Me.  You’ll see by this time next year, the once hard things (new jobs, promotions, inheritances, decisions, judgments made in your favor), closed doors and what seemed like empty promises, will swiftly illuminate.  Create room for Me and let Me usher you into territory you’ve never known existed and experiences you couldn’t even imagine.  By this time next year, you’ll be holding your blessed ‘baby’.  Just as the disciples who unknowingly walked with My Son made room for Him, I too will cause your eyes to be opened to see exactly what I’m doing in these times.  You’ll readily recognize the works of My hand and the works of the enemy.  There will not be any confusion for the scales are removed.  This is the set time, but you must make room for Me to release.


You were committed to Me and My Kingdom with your hand to the plow and with great assertiveness, you were making significant progress.  You were running well…plowing well…doing great exploits for My Kingdom.  But distractions slithered in and hindered your advancement.  Don’t consider the former things.  Let go of what was, what could have been.  For I am in need of a mature Church…I am rapidly maturing My Church for the time that’s quickly approaching.  These are times of uncertainty, but believe Me when I say you need not worry.  I have already cleared paths for you.  I’m calling forth a mature people who can handle the onslaught of the enemy, who can stand against the pressures of this world.  This time of maturing will come quickly, for it must be a quick spiritual work because the enemy is already in position to launch battle.  To many, you were the least likely to be chosen, but I tell you the truth, I am Jehovah Gmolah.  I am the God of recompense; the One who repays and rewards you.  I’ll make up for the time you thought you lost, for the dreams that seemed denied.  As you remain steadfast, with sturdy hands to the plow, ask of Me, the Lord of the Harvest, to send more laborers for the workers are indeed few.  This is the season that you will see and hear what many prophets and kings longed to see and hear.  You’ll see heavenly activity with your very eyes and hear clearly My plans not only for your life but for My Church as well.  But you must remain committed to Me and My plans for you.


Now is the time to launch out into the deep.  This is a time of elevation, promotion and, forward thrusting in your life.  I‘m launching you into new spheres…to new places…to the new divine order.  These new spheres and places are spiritual locations of training that will equip you with even more Kingdom authority.  Here you will find magnificent overflow.  This isn’t just for you.  It is for you to reach back and to help others, for you to give to others.  There are some things within you that I want to show you…that I want to pull to the forefront.  I want to pull the great dreamer within you forward.   This is the season that only the greatest of dreamers will prevail.  The ones who dare to dream beyond man-made limitations and boundaries will witness the heavens spring open as they command My word to manifest in their lives and the lives of others.  But this can only be done as we launch into the deep.  And I’ll show you exactly how to get there.  I’ll be your navigator.  This isn’t a long, laborious ride, but a thrilling one!  The deep is where you’ll experience the fullness of My glory.  Don’t be afraid for I have already orchestrated a path and arranged the right people to connect with you.  You’ve been lingering in the background – in shallow waters – long enough.  I created you to do the miraculous.  It is time for you to elevate your faith and set your sight upon deeper things.  As your faith and trust deepen in Me, I’ll catapult you into new terrain, new experiences, new heights.  These areas aren’t open to the public; only private invitations are downloaded.  This is where I desire to launch My faithful.  Within these new terrains, experiences and heights, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that you’ll see what I am doing before it’s done.  Let Me breathe fresh agility into your being for the shallow waters have stifled your progress.  I am also increasing the velocity of your healing, restored relationships, the birthing of businesses, finances, and newly created positions in the marketplace.  Expect it…and expect it to come quickly.  There’s a whole new world of possibilities that you do not know about that I want to introduce to you.  New Birth, let’s go deeper!



We declare that we will make room for God by removing every hindrance, all clutter and wordy chatter that is keeping us from a true relationship with God and from the truth of what we are called to do in this season.


We are a mature Church keeping our hands to the plow, looking forward and not behind.  We declare we are fit for the Kingdom of God!


We no longer linger in the background, in shallow waters.  We declare that our faith is elevated and our sights are set upon deeper things!


We declare that we launch out into the deep, experiencing God’s glory!  We are the greatest of dreamers and we embark upon unknown gateways granting us open access to the things we have prayed about and even those we only thought about.



Date: September 3, 2018

Prophetic utterance by Mrs. Fonda Fahie