Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word for New Birth March 2019

My sons and daughters at New Birth, I AM calling you to a new dimension of service to humanity. With this new mantle comes great responsibility and dedication. Because you have borne honorably, undeniable hurt and pain, you will be able to rise and go to the next dimension in Me. I AM your God, and I expect you to fashion the following character traits: humility, servanthood and power in the Holy Ghost. I AM with you always.

I have caused you to be more sensitive to My presence, and you are now ready to get rid of all qualities unlike Me. Therefore, New Birth, humble yourselves in repentance first and seek My face, turn from your wicked ways; I will forgive your sins and I will heal your land. Humble yourselves to serve one another and serve all humanity. I am sending strangers in your midst; with your humbleness, you will not miss the assignments to be gracious witnesses I have for you, New Birth. Do not be fooled by appearances; do not look at the outside appearance of visitors to New Birth within the next two months. Treat everyone with the highest respect, courtesy, and politeness. See from the inside first. Then, you will find the hidden treasures in your own hearts. New Birth, I call you to humble alertness in prayer and fasting in this new dimension of service to humanity.

Your servanthood is on display in this season, New Birth; I have given you the ability to meet the needs of My people in a variety of ways. Now, I am calling you to a greater level of service to all people. New Birth, you have received your promise from Me. I have set you apart as My chosen congregation for the world to see. In this dimension, you must serve My people, not just in Atlanta, Georgia, but you must serve My people in other parts of the world. I Am giving you access to world leaders and connections to other churches and individuals in all other continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, and Antarctica. In Me, all things are possible. New Birth, have faith in Me, and I will bring it to pass. Just keep serving and helping people; I will not fail to keep My word. Remain faithful over what I am doing now among you, New Birth, and you will see an explosion of new converts very soon, as people hear about you. The people are coming! There will not be enough room in the sanctuary at New Birth; you will surpass the days of old; even the overflow spaces will run out of room. Get ready, New Birth; I AM with you!

At New Birth, the fire on the altar shall never go out; I AM burning everything that’s not like Me. The sanctuary at New Birth has My aroma; when you walk in the doors, you will immediately be drawn to My fragrance in the atmosphere. There is a sweet-smelling fragrance at New Birth. My fire in the sanctuary will provide My presence with you, My light and My guidance. I AM pouring out My Spirit on all flesh at New Birth; you will be endowed with My power from on High; I AM removing generational curses and replacing them with generational blessings at New Birth.  Now is the time for the entire congregation at New Birth to speak with other tongues and to interpret tongues as well. Within the next two months, New Birth, the servants will receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. I AM causing an outbreak of baptism of the Holy Spirit, which will take place after fasting and praying. I will send divided tongues as of fire that will sit upon each of you. All will be filled with the Holy Spirit and will begin to speak in other tongues as the Spirit, the power of God, gives you utterance.  Be filled with the fire of God, New Birth, because I have said it, and it will happen, not many days from now. With the power of the Holy Spirit as Peter said on the Day of Pentecost, you, New Birth, will prophesy, dream, dreams and see visions.  I will bring healing and deliverance to all at New Birth. Your bodies will be healed, your emotions and your finances will be healed. I will give you the power to get wealth in your bloodline and relinquish you from debt; I will cancel mortgages at New Birth.  I have five donors to pay the debt off at New Birth. In addition, sons and daughters, possess at least four river heads of income in your households, as New Birth is saturated in My favor and grace to minister to My people without hindrances of debt. This will be a sign to you, My sons and daughters, that you are next in line to be debt-free. I AM with you and My Word is truth eternally.


*We decree and declare that 2019 is the year of our new dimension of humility, servanthood, and power in the Holy Ghost.

*We repent to God Almighty and accept our new assignments of service to humanity with gladness.

*We proclaim that New Birth is a congregation that meets the needs of people among us and around the world.

*We decree that New Birth is filled corporately with a servant’s heart that draws others to salvation.

*We desire the cleansing and purification of the fire of God to bring a sweet-smelling aroma in God’s presence.

*We submit that New Birth is filled and empowered with the infilling of the Holy Spirit to speak in unknown tongues and even in interpretation thereof, after prayer and fasting.

*We shall do great ministry through prophecy, dreams and visions, to birth a new era of God’s grace and favor at New Birth.

*We are free of sickness in our bodies, in our emotions and in our finances.

*We decree and declare that New Birth is debt-free, and the sons and daughters of New Birth are benefactors of the same debt-freeness.

Date: March 6, 2019

Prophetic Utterance by Elder Barbara Winters