Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word For November 2018

I am raising up Prophetic Peace Makers, for they are My children and they see what I desire for My New Birth Church Body to love unconditionally even  through difficulty, expecting nothing in return, with Thanksgiving. You are My composition and I placed My hands on you precisely just as I chose you and have given you the role to play in My church  body.


You are My exquisite work, intentionally crafted by My hands.  Your Church membership is divinely imposed as heaven has touched you. I plucked you.  I  saved you.  I sanctified you and filled you with My spirit to be in My body at New Birth.


Love My church body intentionally again and you will experience the healing power that is available to you freely. My biblical love crosses many boundaries; it is My love without partiality. You, who are Peace Makers will turn their  bitterness  into the sweet by sharing and fellowshipping one with another in brotherly love. Become a greater extension of My love.


Contentment with New Birth  comes from seeing My manifested power operating in the Church.  My body is deepened when members see the presence and power of My work in the Church. Contentment deepens in the fellowship of My people and flows back to all with satisfaction.


1. In My Name,  you will execute peace in your gates, by speaking the truth and sound judgement to one another.  Engaging in processes such as negotiation, mediation, conciliation, and arbitration.


2. In My Name, you will lift a standard of peace and wave a banner.  Nourish yourself by allowing yourself to have some alone time that is just for you. You will be better able to bring peace to My body in calmness.


3. You are the seed whose fruit is righteousness sown in peace of them that make peace. Plan for times of peace and quiet. Conform to My will in thought and deed and you will reap a harvest.  Being bold and unapologetic, armed with the truth; you will close the gaps between what is preached and what is practiced through reconciliation.


My Peace building process will yield a successful harvest and bring great joy in such a way that others will see the glory of My gifts of grace, healing and deliverance manifested.


I want New Birth  to know My unconditional love as I stand at the door and knock at the locked doors of your hearts. Come unto Me, all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. The flood of My love will work its way out in your love for one another.  That they might know me, experience the power of my resurrection and the fellowship of my suffering, being made conformable to my death.


My Glory will be revealed and made manifest.  Worship Me. Praise Me . Your blessings are in the heavenly places, the spiritual realm where the Capital of the universe is located and where I rule. Only attune to Me in worship and respond to My message so that you can truly see and comprehend who I am.  New Birth is being filled together, growing into a Holy Temple. Lift your voices to Me in praise, adoration, and supplication. You have higher needs that only I can satisfy in the realm of My glory. I will strengthen you with power in your inner man as you are being rooted and grounded in My astounding gift of love.




I decree that all the body systems of New Birth Church work together in perfect unity, unconditional love, and order in the Name of Jesus. I decree the healing power of Jesus is filling New Birth up and coursing through our veins right now. I decree that the heart of New Birth beats correctly, the blood flows perfectly, all our organs work perfectly, and our brains command the functions of our body perfectly,  in the Name of Jesus. We live out the pages of the bible concerning The Body of Christ, The Church of God and embrace it afresh.


I decree that the body at New Birth is perfectly healthy in every way, spirit, mind, will, emotions, and body, in the Name of Jesus. I decree that you will live a good life, long life and your eye will not dim, nor your strength abate. I decree that your body lines up with the Word of God and you will recognize the difference. You will increase in health and strength every day from this day forward for the rest of your life, in Jesus Name.


I decree and declare that as Peace-builders; we will engage in tactics and strategies that bring about fruits of righteousness because of our righteousness we already have with Him and  because of our faith in Jesus. We will, with sacrificial unconditional love, use all our gifts for the good of the whole body in love.


Date:  November 13, 2018

Prophetic utterance by Minister Linda Simmons