Prophetic Word

Prophetic Sound of New from Words of Life Prophetic Team
New Birth Cathedral
July 8, 2020

New Birth:


My sons and daughters, there is more happening in the spiritual realm than you can see. Do not lose focus. Draw closer to the light which is in Christ only. Do not get caught up in the distractions and things that are of no value to you or My kingdom. I am reminding you that division can only come from the enemy. He is attempting to use misinformation and lies to cause you to lose faith and also to have you to fight the wrong battles. Yes, you are to defend yourself when necessary, but peace and unity must be your desire. Gather facts and not opinions. Do not fall for the divide and conquer scheme. In this hour, you have many unlikely allies, so do not discount them based on past experiences. It is important that you recognize who they are to team up and bring the schemes of the enemy to an end.
You are more than capable to distinguish who is on your side from who your enemies are. Walk uprightly and be My light in the midst of darkness. Be My voice and defend righteousness and justice. Look again and respond as I have commanded you.


It is time for the barren trees of your mind to be cut down. These are thoughts that have put limitations on your potential. They kept you in a place of bondage and I did not give them to you. You are greater than what you have been thinking. You will not be remembered for what you accomplish on your own
strength, but by what I sent you to accomplish for My kingdom. Meditate on the promises that I have given to you. Who told you that your business will not be a success? Do not believe what the enemy has told you. It is time to rise up and start that catering service. The world is waiting to see you dominate in this industry. You will be sought out by many celebrities and public figures. You will not be limited to the United States. I have given you recipes that no one else has ever seen. Do not delay.


I am instructing you on how to navigate during this pandemic. I am your source of insight and not the media. I will lead you to all truth in this hour. Take what the world presents to you and verify its source. The enemy loves to create chaos to cause the world to react out of fear. I am opening your eyes to reveal to you who I am using to carry out My will on this earth. You will witness many abrupt changes in this season. The changing of the guard is happening now. Do not rely on political figures or a particular party. They are all capable of deceit and betrayal. Many will start to be exposed for what they have been doing. I am placing you in prominent areas which you did not think was possible to attain. You will use these positions to exemplify My character and show the world what true leadership looks like.
Remain faithful in what I give you and you will continue to prosper like never before.


Prophetic utterance by Minister Jenson Fahie