Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word for New Birth (Men) June 2019

Stand up and stand tall My sons, for now is the time to walk in the freedom I have given you. No longer will the weights of this world that you have been carrying on your shoulders hold you down and neither will you be held back by what feels like a yoke around your neck. No longer will you be burdened trying to live up to the world’s standards of what it is to be a man. For I have called you to be a man after My heart so that your manhood will be defined by My standard and not that of the world. The weight of being successful in your career will not weigh you down, for your path and promotion are determined by Me. Financial burdens in your personal life and business will no longer be a yoke holding you back, for I am releasing creative strategies to you to manage what I have put in your hands and what is to come. Help is here, and I am removing the yoke from your neck and lifting the weight from your shoulders.


Use the power I have given you through My spirit to release the weights and remove the yoke of unforgiveness. My sons, I am starting with you, forgive yourselves! Where you have gone against My will, come to Me and repent. I am compassionate towards you. I will forgive and restore you and give you a clean start. I have given you the authority to take off and put down the yokes and chains of bondage the enemy wants you to carry. Yes, you made mistakes and wrong choices; you had times when you failed at something you tried, but I command you now to forgive yourself and be free of the guilt, shame, the failures, and even the negative labels that have been placed on you. No longer will these things be a hinderance in your life. For this is the month that you embrace the man I have called you to be; an overcomer, a man of valor who walks in boldness and courage. I have given you a testimony that is not to be hidden, but for you to share with those I send to you. Through the power of My spirit and the truth of your testimony, others in your community, your workplace, and even your family will be set free from the lies of the enemy. My sons, I must heal you first, for you are the head of your family and that healing will flow through you to restore the hurt that was put on your family. No more hiding; sweeping things under the rug does not bring healing. It is time to communicate and seek counseling. Your marriage will be healed, relationships with your children will be healed, and unity within your household shall be restored. I have called you to lead your family, take the first steps toward restoring and bringing healing back to your household. I will be your guide, just ask.


Humility is not a word of weakness, but it is a word of strength. Wear it with honor for this character displays your love, trust, and dependency on Me. This will free you to surrender your family, finances, career/business, and all that concerns you to Me. My sons, I am calling you forth to walk in success in areas where you have struggled. You must operate in humility, for this is the key that will align you with My divine plan. Don’t allow ego and pride to block the way of those I am sending to help you. Be open to receive new friendships this month, of which some will be of other nationalities. Everything I bring you through equips you to be the man I’ve called you to be, the leader you were designed to be, and for all I have in store for you. The time is now to lay it all at My feet and seek My will. Give up your way and take on Mine. Stand strong in humility. No longer will you carry the weight of trying to figure things out yourself. It’s My way that prevails.


My sons, your birthright is to live an abundant life! I created you to walk in My good pleasures of fruitfulness. Receive the abundance of My fruit of the Spirit for your lives. Look and see that you survived life’s many challenges and the attacks of the enemy that were meant to destroy you. Without question, know that it was because I kept you, guided you, and protected you. You have entered into an abundant place in your life and in your relationship with Me. It is time that you see what I see! See the man I created in My image. My abundance is released unto you and it consists of the good and perfect gifts that I send from above: My love, peace, forgiveness, joy, favor, healing, and provision. I will promote you. I’ll give you wisdom and strategy. Hear Me! Your abundant life is found in Me, not in the things of this world. Good news is coming to you. Expect good health reports, good news concerning your children, good news concerning responses you are waiting for from business proposals, and good news from reports that were submitted to your corporate executives. Don’t be ashamed, My sons, you are free to praise Me! No longer hold back for you are My chosen vessels. Stand up and speak My words of revelation that will bring life to others!



  • We decree and declare that we are sons of God and we stand tall and walk in our God given freedom!
  • We decree and declare that we are forgiven by God and we forgive ourselves and others.
  • We decree and declare that we humble ourselves before God and stand in His strength.
  • We decree and declare that we live the abundant life God planned for us and freely praise Him and declare His words to others.


Prophetic utterance by Elder Karen Stanback
Date:  June 12, 2019