Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word For January 2019

The Lord showed me a boat on a river that was flowing through a cave. The cave was not completely dark, there was light that was beaming inside. As the waters were a bit rough, the boat remained steady and flowed along with the river. Coming towards the end of the cave, the flow of the river increased in speed and the boat was being released into the rapids and into full light. As before, the boat remained steady.


My sons and daughters of New Birth, prepare for your coming out in My spirit unlike nothing you have ever seen. You have passed through all types of terrain, but you never took the boat out of the water; you flowed in sync with My spirit. When the waters were calm, you experienced My peace like a flowing river and when the waters picked up, you stayed in the flow of My Spirit to accelerate you. I took you through a place of shelter and protection as you moved through the cave. I protected you from those who would have encouraged you to take your boat out of the river and dock it; simply give up. I protected you from the voices of negativity and even from seeing other ministries who didn’t make it through. New Birth, I am your covering! It is time to come out of the cave and into the open river, for I am releasing you into the rapids. The rapids are fast flowing turbulent waters, but you are safe. For I am accelerating you in the flow and power of My spirit. You are entering a time where things are going to move quickly. Yes, I am doing this in the open for all to see. For you, My sons and daughters, are a testament of what true faithfulness to Me looks like.


In the month of January, you should expect to see an outpouring of My spirit that affects the church body. My spirit refreshes, but it also empowers you to fulfill My will. I am refreshing your zeal and desire to serve My people for some grew weary through your journey. A new joy and a new strength is being released unto you. Elders, Ministers, and Deacons, I am not just refreshing you, but recharging you to lead the way in ministering to the community of Dekalb County and beyond. Prepare to see needs that you have not seen before. Leaders and members, share your gifts, share the creative ideas I have given you for the solutions to the needs are amongst you.


As the waters are turbulent, I am stirring things up, but do not fear, stay in the boat and flow with Me. Change has come, and it is not for your harm, but for your good. You may feel that things are happening too quickly, but you are in the midst of a fast flowing, powerful move of My Spirit that will impact many and you must act in obedience without delay. I am releasing courage for you to push through those obstacles that held you back (fear, insecurity, excuses) and releasing an assurance in your spirit that I am with you. This is not just for the pastor and ministers, but for each of you. This is not just for the church, but for where I send you and to whom I send you. My sons and daughters, set your expectations high for what you have prayed for and what you have cried out for; I will exceed your requests. Businesses will be birthed, as well as rebirthed! For I am releasing fresh ideas that will cause you to make changes to your existing plans. Team members need to be shifted and strategies adjusted to extend your market. Business owners, I am removing your limitations and expanding your markets to areas you have not considered. Use of technology is key.


During this rapid move, know that I am anointing you to be Repairers of the Breach. My sons and daughters, it is time for you to restore, repair, and rebuild the broken lives, broken systems, broken generation gaps, broken communities, broken governments, broken families, and reconnect them to Me. There is a great work for you to do and through the love, insight, wisdom, and resources I have placed in you and in your hands, know it is time to begin. There are even nations waiting for what they will hear and experience through you. My sons and daughters, don’t discount what I have placed in you for many are waiting for the ministry, the counsel, the encouragement, the prayers, and the example you set that will guide them back to Me and bring healing. This is not a time to wear a mask of perfection, but to show your scars of hurt, brokenness, bondage, rejection, unforgiveness, and share your true testimony. Tell them the truth about Me, that I am God and that I still heal, forgive, save, deliver, and fill those empty places in their lives. My sons and daughters, know that you are anointed with My compassion to minister to them. Find it not strange when others come to you in secret searching for healing or seeking direction. You may wonder, why me? Simply because I have anointed you and prepared you for this. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. Your presence is needed, volunteer in your schools, local government, community centers, hospitals, and your church.


Finally, My sons and daughters, walk in meekness for these will inherit the earth and shall have an abundance of peace. Notice I said meekness not weakness. For you are those who trust in My goodness and trust Me to reign over any given matter. It is not that you are weak; you just trust Me. My sons and daughters, this has been your strength. Do not let anyone or anything take away your strength through their critical opinions. For to the world, My word is foolishness, they cannot understand with the natural mind. Your meek spirit will win over many for My Kingdom. It will open doors for you that others have tried to manipulate their way through and it will draw others to you because they see your transparency and humility. Your meekness will give you the access you need to move into places where you will have influence. It will put you in places where strategies and plans are being made in the workplace, community, and places where your voice is heard, and you can share your pure wisdom and insight. What you say matters and carries more weight than you realize. Guard your mouth and be careful of what you speak. Keep your heart and motives pure. Your words will influence the decisions others make.




We decree and declare that we are open to God shifting us and accelerating us forward as we experience the powerful outpouring of His spirit upon us to advance His Kingdom.


We decree and declare that we will not fear but will be obedient to the flow of God’s spirit that others will be blessed by what God is doing at and through New Birth.


We decree and declare that we are Repairers of the Breach and will avail ourselves to God to bring healing and restoration to others.