Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word for New Birth
November 2019

Now, you are in the next chapter of the great thing for the greatness that is on the inside of you arises. There is a bubbling in the natural and in the spiritual and the good thing overflows into the streets, neighborhoods, byways, and interstates. Now is the time to get a return on My investment. There is equity in the temple, and it is vital that you are great wealth managers. Share your gifts with the world and share the gifts within your tribe. Don’t be afraid of that which I am doing through you for this is the set time for the rise of Samuel, Daniel, Joseph, and Cornelius. You must complete the things that were once started for I am testing the sincerity of your love as well as your capacity to manage. When the gates are open wide and more than enough flows your way, will you bless others and manage well? Save and store for a famine is near. Give and bless for it is part of My sowing and reaping cycle.


The anointing of the seer rests upon you and you must learn to live life with a prophetic edge. See it not strange for the new and different things that you will see and hear for I am allowing you to flow in a deeper dimension of the spirit realm. Stand tall and speak My Word for this is the hour for you to publish the pages of the book. Open your mouth and command those things out of order to come into My divine order. Be careful of the words that you speak for your words are framing your world. Do not become entangled in your own words. You have the capacity to pull down strongholds and remove blockages. It is now time to shift things that cause restriction, lack, and limitation. Open your mouth and speak life over the situations and circumstances in your life. Allow the roar to come forth and cause the shackles to be broken. Draw a line in the sand and mark the territories that I have already given you. Don’t shrink back but go get all that has been established for you before the foundations of the earth. The power to shape, shift, and shake is in your mouth. Become that epicenter that reveals My unadulterated Word and resuscitates the broken-hearted.


Speak and declare the great thing!

Prophetic utterance by Elder Bawayna Thompson
November 12, 2019