Prophetic Word

Prophetic Sound of New from Words of Life Prophetic Team
New Birth Cathedral
October 7, 2020

New Birth


My sons and daughters, draw nearer to Me. I am blessing you and leading you out of chaos and temporary setbacks. I am expanding your capacity by giving you more responsibilities, leadership positions, and a technological edge surpassing your competitors. Because you have remained humble and patient, you will be trusted with more which will empower you to dispense to the needy. Get plugged into a local business mentoring program in your community. You will connect with many additional resources that will benefit your ministry. You always desired to start a food bank and now is the time to do so. Your passion to serve and compassion for others have proven you faithful. I desire for you to be a lender to many, but you must be very strategic in maintaining a deep connection with Me.
Move cautiously but also expeditiously. Just as when you indicate a lane change while driving and you are often faced with an accelerating car trying to hinder your lane change, the same applies in the spiritual realm. As I lead and guide you, do not second guess or delay. You cannot allow yourself to be hindered due to hesitancy or unbelief. Boldly make that lane change into your new corporate position, business endeavors, and hands on ministry. Favor is your inheritance.


Be careful of who you disclose personal information with. As you begin to prosper, you will be faced with many opportunities to share your advancements with others. Many are threatened by your progress and will harbor resentment and attempt to plan your demise. Just as the Philistines filled wells that were dug by Abraham with dirt due to jealousy, your enemy wants to stop you from receiving and keeping the blessings I am giving you. Some people are monitoring your life and have no intentions of helping you to advance to the next level. You are more than capable of determining who I have sent to bless you as well as who was sent by the enemy. Pay close attention to the reactions of those you share good news with. Do they get excited for you? Do they change the subject? What do you see? I will
always reveal their intent, but you must be willing to pay close attention.


You made a wholehearted decision to follow Me even when you felt like you were alone. You did not allow anything to keep you from My presence. You are not delusional. I intended for you to be where you are for a season. The same people that attempted to isolate and sought to restrict you will now realize My plans and purpose for you. You will witness their removal from the positions they thought would secure their future. Those in politics that allowed their arrogance to lead them are losing their positions. You will witness abrupt changes within both political parties. My people will no longer be led astray by deceptive political schemes. I am establishing My systems in the way I intended. Seek Me for truth and I will show you who is truly with you. Allow Me to guide you during this election process.


Prophetic utterance by Minister Jenson Fahie