Prophetic Word

Prophetic Sound from Words of Life Prophetic Team
New Birth Missionary Baptist Church
January 18, 2021

New Birth


My sons and daughters, the news media should not be your primary source of information. What is broadcasted in the airways is not always truth. Prove all things and do your own research. The enemy seeks to kill and destroy, and he is attempting to destroy you through misinformation. Seek Me for guidance and answers regarding Covid and other diseases. Ask Me for wisdom and wait patiently. Do not allow fear or hasty decisions to take you off course. You are at war. You must fight back and not be in a state of complacency. Take a proactive approach and ask more questions. It is My will for you to know the truth at all times. There are many companies seeking to distribute these vaccinations, but you must take heed and know which ones should be avoided. It would be in your best interest to research he ingredients and potential side effects. Your body is indeed a temple, so it must be protected at all costs. There are countless doctors that are seeking to find a cure and are facing opposition from the media and other doctors that have different agendas. These doctors should be given the opportunity to be heard without being censored. Ask the appropriate questions that will result in obtaining clarity. Seek to find truth in all things even if you are not comfortable with the results.


I am breaking the chains from off you. Chains of humiliation, condemnation, confusion, and intimidation. I am freeing you from the bondage of your oppressors in this hour. You have been in a place of torment and turmoil, but now you shall rejoice and flow with everlasting joy and tranquility because you are a unique and uncommon people who will not bow down to the devices of the enemy. Your freedom did not come from your own strength, but from My protective arms. You were not perfect in all your actions, but My grace is all that you need. Trust the process and look for every opportunity to be a living witness of true freedom in Me. I am destroying barricades and barriers that once hindered you. You are free and must walk in freedom by dominating every area of your life without regrets. I did not forget about you. I was with you for the entire journey. Walk in true liberty.


I am also calling you to walk in righteousness and to be blameless in all that you do. Individually, you are a chain link that is not easily broken. Rise up as a corporate chain that refuses to be broken. Stand as one church by uplifting and encouraging each other to cling to that which is good and not evil. Do not compete against each other. You are one in My Kingdom. As a strong link, you must be strengthened by studying My word and being the example that you have been chosen to be. Do not allow pride, confusion or division to weaken you as one body. I called you to be unbreakable. I called you to exhibit strength and valor. When you operate in honor and integrity, you resist being tarnished or becoming susceptible to rusting. You have become like hardened steel. Humble yourself daily and lean on Me to process you. New Birth, you have been through bending, welding, quenching, alignment, shot blasting, and load testing. Many people are not wired to go through what you have experienced and still remain standing. Let the nations witness what you have become by walking in all My ways no matter the cost.


In this hour, I will bring restoration and healing to you. In the midst of this current crisis, you will indeed witness an abundance of peace, favor, and good health within your community. I will show you what to eat and how you can develop healthier routines to strengthen your immune system. There are secret remedies that will bring you great financial success and I am revealing them to you. You will be compensated for remedies your ancestors once knew but was either lost or stolen. These remedies were all from herbs that were common to your ancestors before they were stripped of their heritage and certain cultural capabilities. This time, you will patent your remedies and only partner with the companies I connect you with. Your ancestors were taken advantage of, but you will reap the reward for their troubles. I will go before you and remove any obstacles trying to get in your way. I am restoring your body and you will be able to sleep better at night. You will arise refreshed and ready to receive what I reveal to you.


Prophetic utterance by Minister Jenson Fahie