Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word for New Birth August 2019

My sons and daughters,


Examine yourselves daily. Do you know what is inside of you? You are priceless and cannot be duplicated. You are more than you see on the outside. You are a custom-tailored vessel that the enemy seeks to destroy, but he can never have his way with you. I am calling you back to your rightful position of righteousness and authority in Me. Take a look at the hurt and pain from the past that is weighing you down and release them to Me. I want you free to flow in My purpose in you. I have given you access to areas of freedom and advancement that still need your attention. You are in high demand. You are the missing puzzle piece needed to silence the cries of those in need of guidance and encouragement. Get into position and allow your true light to shine forth.


When you take care of your household and practice proper planning, I am well pleased. Write the vision for your financial future regardless of what things look like in this moment. Do not give up. I need for you to become financially secure and also be willing to teach others the financial steps I am revealing to you in this hour. Plan your financial affairs properly. Do not be hasty in your planning. If you practice discipline and avoid hasty decisions, you will achieve much success. Seek to abide by My Kingdom principles and watch your resources grow. I will provide the help you need if you choose to be faithful in how you handle the resources that I give to you. You must also utilize wise counsel. Leave a lasting financial legacy for your generation. My children will no longer have to start over from each generation without monetary resources. Now is the time to advance financially.


My younger generation needs you to speak life into them. They are bombarded daily with distractions and destructive programming through the media and from imposters posing as peers. They need guidance. Listen to them and help them to make better decisions. Do not brush their thoughts aside or shun them. They will share things with you that will make you uncomfortable or angry at times, but do not attempt to silence them. Teach them how to love others and what it means to be loyal. Encourage them to honor their parents at all times. Introduce them to economic principles that will help to secure their financial future. Show them how to resolve conflict peacefully. Let them see that you really care about them. They will remember what you teach them if you are patient and committed to helping
them reach their maximum potential.



  • We are heavenly vessels that will always stay in our rightful position in Christ.
  • We will flow freely in the purposes of Yahweh.
  • We will execute a financial plan that will benefit future generations.
  • We are great stewards with what we have been blessed with.
  • We will not make financial decisions that do not align with the words of Yahweh.
  • We are called to mentor and encourage our youth like never before.
  • We will assist our youth in reaching their maximum potential.
  • We will listen intently to what they have to say and respond appropriately.



Date: August 5, 2019
Prophetic utterance by Mr. Jenson Fahie