Nation of Jesus Men’s Ministry

The Nation of Jesus Men’s Ministry is built and structured to facilitate the four pillars — Empowerment, Accountability, Engagement and Camaraderie — required for a thriving and impactful men’s ministry. We believe in Empowerment through education and spiritual disciplines; Accountability through relationships;  Engagement through opportunities to serve; and Camaraderie through fellowship.  Our ultimate goal is to equip men to fulfill their role as watchmen over their homes, their church, community, region, and nation.


General Men’s Assembly

This area is responsible for hosting Quarterly Men’s Meetings, NOJ Breakfasts, and special men’s events.

Communication Exchange

Small Group discussions on things that matter or effect men… including our roles as husbands, fathers and leaders in the church and society.

Road to Ish

This program is open to men ages 13 and up. This 7-10 week experience of discovery and transformation, includes General Sessions, Personal Testimonial and Community Outreach