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We sincerely thank you for your interest in supporting New Birth Ministries.  Your gift allows us to further our mission to lead the world to worship God through SERVING, LOVING, EVANGELIZING and DISCIPLESHIP.

We sincerely appreciate your financial support, however, the Board of Directors reserves the right to redirect all funds to the area of ministry most needed.

“Please take care when completing your online donation, we do not issue refunds.”

Also, donations through Givelify will not be reflected in your Fellowship One giving records.

Because I am a tither and a giver, the windows of heaven are open to me and God stops everything trying to come against what God has for me.  I declare I am blessed financially and will receive blessings that I cannot contain. 

I do not worry about lack, I confess God supplies all my needs richly and abundantly.  I choose to sow cheerfully, generously and know I will reap bountifully.  All of my needs are met and I abound in every good work. 

Because I obey God with my tithes and offerings, the Lord blesses everything I put my hand to.  The blessings of God are chasing me and I am committed to do my part as a believer to support my church, expand the gospel, help those in need, and sow seeds that will bless generations to come.  

In Jesus Name, Amen!  


We encourage you to set up an automated giving schedule to have your tithes and offerings go to the Lord every time.  Our online giving portal lets you easily set up a reoccurring gift via your debit card, credit card, or checking account.  

Give via Mobile App  

Give via Check  

Checks can be made payable to New Birth and dropped off at any campus, or mail to: Attn:Finance Department | 6400 Woodrow Road | Stonecrest, GA 30038  

Gifts of Stocks & Mutual Funds  

Giving appreciated assets such as stocks often allows you to maximize a gift.  Typically, you can receive a tax deduction for the full value of the stock on the day it was given regardless of the cash basis (original purchase price) of the stock. Capital gains taxes are avoided. 

Giving a Used Vehicle 

To donate your used vehicle etc., please call us.  New Birth uses a third-party company to sell the vehicle at auction and the proceeds are then returned to the church. Paperwork to receive a tax deduction for the vehicle will be compiled for you. 

Gift of Real Estate 

Under certain circumstances, New Birth excepts gifts of real estate. Donating appreciated real estate can afford you significant tax advantages while allowing a substantial gift to the church that avoid capital gains taxes. 

Estate Planning 

Setting up a welldesigned estate plan may protect your love ones from expensive probate taxes, allowing you to use the savings to leave a legacy gift for the church.  

Giving of Business Interest 

If you run a business, you may be able to donate a non-voting interest, receive a substantial tax deduction and still maintain management oversight. Or, if you are selling a business, there are strategies that may allow you to maximize your impact for charity. 

Make a Tax-FREE IRA Gift to the New Birth  

If you are 70 years or older, you may now instruct your IRA custodian to transfer any amount up to $100,000 directly to New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.  The distribution would not be included in your taxable income (but could fulfill any required minimum distribution requirements) and would not produce an income tax deduction. 



  • The heart of generosity is a believer’s characteristics and conviction as God gave the greatest gift to the world his Son.  The Tithes and Offerings received allow the church to do ministry through those in need, maintains the facility and staff, and provides us with resources to creatively and uniquely touch families, all generations, those who don’t know Jesus as Lord.   

What is a Tithe? What is an Offering?  

  • The word tithe literally means 10th or 10%. Tithing is giving the first 10% of our income back to God. The Bible says that everything we have comes from him, so tiding is actually returning to God what belongs to him. When we die, we are putting God first in our lives and trusting him to provide for all of our needs. And offer use anything we gave beyond the 10%. 

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