Focus on the promise

Focus on the Promise Not the Problems

March 3

Today’s Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 5:32–6:12 Key Verses: Deuteronomy 5:32–33


You shall not turn aside to the right hand or to the left. You shall
walk in all the ways which the Lord your God has commanded you,
that you may live and that it may be well with you, and that you
may prolong your days in the land which you shall possess.


Ten of the twelve spies Moses sent into the promised land ran into trouble because they were worried about being in the same territory as their enemies. Joshua and Caleb saw the inhabitants of the land, but they kept their focus on the grapes instead. There are blessings in the midst of all your tests and trials, and God does not want you to be distracted. He is there.

Are people talking about you? Let them talk. “Somebody is trying to get me fired.” Let him do his best. Your promotion comes from the Lord. “Somebody is trying to take my spouse.” Let him try. God ordained you to be where you are. If anybody tries to touch you or your belongings, you should feel sorry for him! Why? Because when he attacks or steals from you, he is attacking and stealing from God.

People who ride with me while I drive usually pray a lot because my driving is much like that of Mr. Magoo, the nearly blind cartoon character who insists he can see just fine. I have had a few fender benders, and they usually happen when I take my eyes off of where I am going to look somewhere else at someone’s urging.

When God tells you to go someplace, do not worry about anyone else’s presence. You have been ordained to be there, so anyone who tries to distract you must deal with God.


Pray this prayer with me:

Lord, help me to keep my focus upon You and Your promises. There are always distractions awaiting me, and I am all too willing to look aside and feed my fears, my appetites, and my curiosity. Help me to seek You and find the blessings in the midst of every trial. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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