Doing Business

Doing Business Until He Returns

Most of us are familiar with the parable in Luke 19, in which the servants were given minas or money (3-month’s wages per person) to go and do business in the market place on their lord’s behalf – with their earnings going back to their lord.  We, like the servants are expected to go into the business world using what our Lord has given us.  We are to do business in a manner that reflects God’s Kingdom Principles. Doing business in a manner that reflects the character, integrity and high moral standards that Kingdom living requires. We go into the market place not just to make a living, but to be a living demonstration of the Kingdom of God. If we are business owners, we influence our employees and the communities and clientele we serve.  We impact the Kingdom by bringing the fruit of our labor into the House of God – supporting the mission of expanding Kingdom rule and reign on earth.


Prayer:  Father God, thank You for the opportunity to be in the marketplace. Help us to influence every life that we will have the opportunity to come into contact with by reflecting Kingdom Principles until You return, in Jesus Name, Amen

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