Code of Conduct & Standard of Christian Living


It shall be the policy of New Birth Missionary Church to appoint and engage congregational servant leaders capable of meeting a high standard of character. The servant leader must be a member of New Birth and have made a commitment to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior as indicated and consistent with the Church’s Mission Statement, doctrinal tenets and teachings.

It is imperative that all servant leaders conduct themselves in a manner that reflects favorably upon the Body of Christ and New Birth. Servant leaders are expected to maintain a consistent attitude of friendliness, be teachable and a have love and concern for others. Critical or negative attitudes, gossip and conduct not consistent with Christian Biblical standards cannot be tolerated. Servant leaders are expected to be courteous and helpful to the public, to ministry members, and those doing business with the Ministry.

Should a servant leader’s conduct, whether on or off the premises, be criminal, dishonest, immoral in nature, unbiblical or detrimental to the best interest of the Ministry, then they may be subject to meeting with and/or review by the Senior Pastor, Senior Leadership, the Elders Council or designated leaders for guidance and may result in corrective actions, legal actions and depending on the nature and the extent of the inappropriate conduct the servant leader may be unable to serve at New Birth for a period of time or permanently.