Are You Ankle-Deep Yet?


Are You Ankle-Deep Yet?

May 27

Are You Ankle-Deep Yet?

Today’s Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 47:2–6 Key Verse: Ezekiel 47:3


When the man went out to the east with the line in his hand,
he measured one thousand cubits, and he brought me
through the waters; the water came up to my ankles.


Ezekiel gave a prophetic picture of the Spirit-filled church in action. It created so much glory that the house of God couldn’t contain the presence of God. It made God so big (by creating glory) that the church/temple couldn’t contain it.

The overflowing flood of glory rose up to the people’s ankles, then to their knees, then to their loins, and then it passed flood stage. If this is what could and should be, then what is wrong with the blood-bought church today?

We are in the “water,” and we are walking biblically. Why, then, do we have so many problems in life? I noticed that in Ezekiel’s vision, the first stage of overflow produced enough water or glory to reach the ankle. That means that the worshipers produced so much glory that they were able to walk in it. That speaks of enough power and glory to walk in holiness and power on a daily basis.

Most of us cannot walk in this glory, and that has convinced the people outside the church that we are more talk than walk. If you have not produced glory, then you cannot walk in the Spirit. Most of us create our own spiritual anemia by limiting our spiritual encounters to one two-hour session on Sunday. We do not really pray, praise, or worship Him any other time. We do not talk much about Jesus all week either. Then we wonder why we cannot walk “in the Spirit.” The answer is that we are too busy walking in the flesh.

We need to get busy blessing the Lord and producing glory with our lives every day of the week. Then the power will begin to flow.


Pray this prayer:

Lord Jesus, my power-failure problems have nothing to do with You and everything to do with me. You gave me the power, but it is up to me to hook up, plug in, and turn on the power. It is up to me to create glory through the fruit of my lips, and I accept the challenge. I bless You, and I declare that You are holy and worthy to be praised. There is none like You.


From “Called To Conquer Daily Devotional” by Bishop Eddie Long

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