Activated to Go Everywhere

Activated to Go Everywhere

Jesus has full intention for us to go! Everywhere our feet tread, He has already given to us. This power and authority, works best wherever we are. There are people everywhere that need us to “Saint up” and do the work of ministry. Once, at the grocery store’s deli a woman in line, had what appeared to be crumbs on her forehead. Speaking through the crowd, I whispered, “Ma’am, you have something on your forehead.” She brushed her forehead and said, “Oh, that’s my skin allergies.” Apologizing, having embarrassed her, the Holy Spirit said, “go pray for her.” Asking if she would like prayer, we prayed and declared her healing. When the prayer ended, she was glowing…as were all those around us who had prayed with us. We were all blessed that day at the deli.

So they departed and went through the towns, preaching the gospel and healing everywhere.
Luke 9:6

Prayer: Lord God, use me, I belong to you and desire to hear and obey. Thank you for this ability to break yokes and to lift your name on high.

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