Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word For September 2017

 For I am rebuilding My church and the gates of hell has not and will not prevail against it.  New Birth, you are in a time of shifting and changing.  Things may not look the same, feel the same or sound the same, but know and trust that the constant in this time of shifting and changing is Me. I am God and I change not!  I am and will always be the center and the foundation of New Birth.  Don’t get alarmed by the new faces or by the different way of ministry. Just open your heart and spirit and continue to receive My word and be willing to serve.  I have spoken through my man servant about grace and about hope to help you to firm up your foundation.  Your foundation must be in My word and not reliant on the promises of men.  Your hope must be in Me and not flesh and blood.  Trust Me  through this time of change.  Don’t fight it, don’t pull back, stay faithful in your attendance, giving, and serving; watch what I will reveal in you.


There are many anointed men and women who have been sitting that will begin to arise and use their gifts in ministry.  I am calling you forward and making room for the gift that I placed in you to be stirred up and used to help advance My kingdom through ministry at New Birth.  In this time of change, pray intensely one for another.  I need you to be steadfast, immovable, and to abound in My work I have given you.  In times like these, the enemy is looking for ways to attack My people.  If you stand firmly in faith, pray one for another, and lock arms in love, the enemy will not prevail. Know that this change is for good and in no way meant for evil.  Like the church of Philadelphia, New Birth, you have obeyed My commands and persevered. I have and always will keep you.  Know that I am preparing to raise you up again and even those who spoke ill of you will have to acknowledge My hand never left New Birth.


I am awakening the youth of New Birth. I am igniting a fire in your hearts to come after Me.  This will be evident in your worship, your prayers, and changes in your lifestyle. No longer will you feel comfortable blending in with the crowd, but My light will shine so brightly through you that you will not be able to hide.  Your friends and peers will even notice that there is something different about your lifestyle and conversation.  My glory will rest so heavily upon you that your presence will change the atmosphere.  Take time this month to fast and pray and seek after Me.  Be diligent in this and I promise you will find Me.  I have need of your lives. There are others you are assigned to pray for, minister My words to, and to bless their lives, but I first need your heart and your ear turned toward Me. Will you obey?



We declare that in this time of shifting and change at New Birth; we will put our trust fully in God.

We declare that we will be faithful in our attendance, service, and giving.

We declare that we will stand together in prayer and love and any plan of the enemy shall not prevail.

We declare that the hand of God is on New Birth and all that He is doing will reveal something greater than we can imagine.

We declare that God has ignited a fire in the hearts of the youth of New Birth and they have a heart that longs after God.

We declare the youth of New Birth walk in obedience to God and His light shines brightly through their lives. We declare that the youth of New Birth hear from God and are blessing the lives of others for His glory!


Date: October 10, 2017

Prophetic utterance by Elder Karen Stanback