Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word For January 2018


My sons and daughters, clarity of vision is key during this month. As you begin this new year and reflect on the last, I want you to see clearly what I have done for you. Yes, see clearly, what I have done. Focus is key. When you see what I have done, know that I am building your faith to receive what is to come. Do not allow the enemy to distract you and look at things negatively. He is a liar and deceiver. His plan is to get you off focus and make you believe his lies about you and your circumstances. He wants you in a place of doubt, but do not fall into his trap to diminish and destroy your faith in Me. As you begin this year, guard your ears from listening to negativity, guard what you watch that your desires stay pure and guard your conversations that they are truthful and edifying.


Look at what you experienced not just heard about. Have you not witnessed and experienced the manifestation of the truth of My word and power? My sons and daughters of New Birth, you are partakers of My keeping power as I continue to keep you in perfect peace; you know My sustaining power as I lifted your head and comforted you in your time of need; you know Me as a provider and keeper, as I have been your Good Shepherd and you shall not want; I hovered over you and kept you in My secret place, close to Me where you were protected from all harm. You are still standing as a testimony to the world! New Birth, I have NEVER failed you!


My sons and daughters, I need you in a place where there is no questioning if I will perform My word! My word for you is truth and I cannot lie. What I speak, I will perform! The blessings spoken over you throughout the years cannot be reversed!


You are in a place where you are now ready to see the manifestation of My power in a whole new way. Why?, because of your faith to believe I can and will. This is why your focus is important.
In the midst of My working miracles, I do not want you to get off focus and complain, because you allowed the enemy to distract you. This tactic is nothing but a hinderance. My sons and daughters, I cannot stress the importance of this instruction. Heed My word.



We declare and decree that our focus is on the truth of God’s Word.

We declare and decree that we will not be distracted by the trap of the enemy.

We declare and decree that our faith in God is stronger than ever and we shall not be shaken. New Birth is a testimony to the world of what God can do!

We declare and decree that New Birth is now experiencing the manifestation of the power of God’s Word through signs, wonders and miracles like never before.

We declare and decree that we believe God!


Date: January 5, 2018
Prophetic utterance by Elder Karen Stanback