Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word For March 2018

In this month, I am releasing a special blessing over those with a giving spirit. My sons and daughters, I am not only speaking of those who give financially but also to those who give through their service and even those who have the heart to give but cannot at this time.



You have acted in obedience to what I have required of you and I have to bless you for My namesake. What you thought was not much in what you gave, was overflow to the ones who received from you. You allowed Me to use you to be the blessing in the life of someone else all because you were not selfish, but you gave at a time when I asked of you.



Get ready for the release of My blessings in your life. I see your need and that is where I will pour out the blessing. For some it will be a release of finances, for some, it will be in your health, for some, it will be professionally, for some in relationships. As you receive My blessings in your life, testify of My goodness toward you. Your testimony will ignite a fire to give in those who have been holding back in this area.



Push the tithe this month, My word is clear to the tither, yes, I will open the window of Heaven and pour out blessings that you won’t have room enough to receive. My sons and daughters of New Birth, try Me, bring the tithe into the storehouse and you will see My word come to pass in ways you have never seen before. Call for the tithe, mature My people and bring them into a place of obedience to My word. My sons and daughters, keep your eyes open for opportunities to give. As I show you, know that your giving is planting a seed that will produce a great harvest to bless your life. When I show you, this is not the time to hold back, but give what I require of you and remember that I am the Provider of the resource needed and the time required. This is the month to give big with a cheerful heart. Some of you will have more money put in your hand this month than you have ever received. Prepare now and learn what to do with it so you don’t waste it. Some of you will have simple needs met by others that will make a great impact in your life. As you are in your place of giving, some of you will make a divine connection with someone that will change your life for the better. This is because your willingness to give of your time will put you in a place you don’t normally go. This will be a time of an outpouring of My blessings to those who will trust Me, Obey Me, and Give.



We declare that we are New Birth and we have a giving spirit.

We declare that our obedient and cheerful hearts to give will pave the way for God’s blessings in our lives that will meet our needs.

We declare that New Birth is a 100% tithing congregation and the windows of Heaven are open over us and pouring out blessings we don’t have room enough to receive.

We declare that we will be alert and give in each opportunity God commands and our giving is planting seeds that will produce a great harvest in our lives.



Date: March 5, 2018
Prophetic utterance by Elder Karen Stanback