Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word For June 2018

I AM the Vine and you are the branch; I have called you, New Birth, to work in My Vineyard, to cultivate a culture and to produce fruit that will remain in this generation, even to the fourth, fifth generation and beyond. My people at New Birth, return to Me in prayer, adoration, supplication and thanksgiving. Return to Me with all your might, and I will show you signs, wonders and miracles for a new birth of love and relationships to advance My kingdom of worshipers. I must see the fire in you, New Birth. My fire shall never go out, but it shall burn always. My fire, the fire of the LORD, cleanses, purifies, and produces vessels, who come after Me in worship, prayer and praise. Through My fire in your personal time of worship, I will make your hearts tender, committed and reverent. New Birth, you are My people; I started a birthing in you many years ago. Now is the time for you to fortify, to work with your hands to rebuild the wall just as Nehemiah and the people rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem. Rebuild the wall, New Birth, NOW! I AM with you always; the generations at New Birth will remain fruitful in Me to advance My kingdom around the world. People desperately need to see and experience the prototype like New Birth to spread My Word to nations. You are a sign for Me and a people after My heart. When you are all in, following Me, I will show you every turn on the journey, every block in the road, every place to fortify and every place to build a memorial along the way in dedication to Me. It shall be a sign of hope and advancement to My children.

New Birth, you are the people who have the keys to the kingdom plans that I have given to you. The kingdom principles of Love, Sowing, Reaping, Fellowshipping, Visiting from house to house, Sharing, Building Relationships, and Working together make New Birth a workmanship of wealth to forge new territory for My namesake. You have influence around the world to promote changes in people’s lives, in governments, in the marketplace, cyber technologies, and world affairs because I have ordained it; only commune with Me, to see and hear My instructions. You are well able to do all I have told you. My promise is to heal all your wounds, to give you confidence and strength in Me, to bring you into a place of pure brotherhood and love that will remain. I AM your God and I AM with you. Your destiny is still in Me and your descendants have an inheritance in Me for territory that extends to the north, south, east and west. Your greatest work to produce disciples in My kingdom is ahead of you for the greatest harvest on earth. Go forward and serve Me; for I AM a jealous God, calling you to action. Produce fruit in My Vineyard of Love, and Brotherhood to prepare the hearts of the people to come after Me with a pure heart to serve and worship Me as the Tribe of Levi did in Israel; for you, New Birth, are joined to Me.

The fathers of New Birth are special men that I have set aside for greatness. Some of you have not known your natural fathers, but you have My DNA. You have My heart! I have put My love in your heart to build your families on the love that I have shown you. Put your trust in Me to lead you where you have not gone before. Open your heart and receive My healing in places you hurt; your tears are often silent; you cry out inside. Let the tears flow; renew your strength in Me to be able to pour into the next generation of men at New Birth. I have called you to show your authentic faith in Me; for I have given you the faith of Abraham, the work ethics of Nehemiah, and the worship of David to make a tangible difference at home and in the marketplace, for your bloodline and in the lives of others. I will show you the Way to let My light shine through you to prepare your family to serve each other, which serves Me. Fathers of New Birth, stand boldly and speak life to family and to nations. I AM with you, as you stand on the rock of My Salvation to obtain eternal life. You shall have long life as my beloved sons to produce fruitful bloodlines that will know My name and My commands to serve Me for all the generation of their lives. In essence, let your families see your relationship with Me. Lead your sons to see Me and sing a new song. Show your daughters how to watch Me through your stewardship. Your wife shall walk by your side as you serve Me. Then, you, New Birth fathers will be helping to bring My kingdom on the earth as it is in heaven.


  1. We declare and decree that at New Birth are the called ones to work in God’s Vineyard to cultivate and produce a culture to serve God for generations.
  2. We pronounce that New Birth returns to the Lord in prayer, adoration, supplication and thanksgiving to keep a fire burning for the Lord at home in our closets; the fire shall never go out!
  3. We speak a dedication of service that produces vessels, who go after God with tender and committed hearts.
  4. Affirm that New Birth rebuilds the wall, just as Nehemiah did with the people in Jerusalem, to establish generations dedicated to the work in God’s kingdom that will inspire people around the world.
  5. Decree and declare that New Birth has the keys to the Kingdom that God gave years ago to develop kingdom principles of love, sowing and reaping, fellowship, sharing, relationships and works.
  6. Proclaim that we are the healed ones who are in a place of pure brotherhood; God IS with us!
  7. Assert that New Birth members are the ones preparing others to do the work of the ministry with prayer, praise and worship. Like the Tribe of Levi, we are joined to God.
  8. Pronounce that New Birth fathers are sons of God, with God’s DNA; we decree that the fathers at New Birth build their individual families in love, faith, and relationship with God.
  9. Decree and declare that New Birth fathers demonstrate a stance on the rock of God’s Salvation for family and others to help bring God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


Date: June 1, 2018

Prophetic utterance by Elder Barbara Winters