The New Birth Outreach Department (The New O.D.) is called to take the New Birth community to work beyond its boundaries in unexpected ways and to provide for the needs of others. Our three ministries, Fishers of Men (FOM) Evangelism Ministry, Prison Ministry, and Prayer Ministry flow from the department and consist of ministry groups that are supported by volunteers who serve with compassion.

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Fisher's of Men (FOM) Evangelism Ministry is comprised of four ministry groups: Christian Shelter, the Evangelism Education Department (EED) and Urban Evangelism. Within each group are nine activity groups that have trained members to develop and utilize their God-given skills to win souls for the Kingdom.

Ministry areas and services offered

  • Christian Shelter Ministry — the love of Christ is shared with those less fortunate by providing worship services, hot, freshly prepared meals and ministry from our Creative Arts area.
    • The two shelters we currently service are Safe House (1st Sunday) and Atlanta Day Shelter (2nd Sunday).
    • The Valerie McKay Initiative (VMI) — a 3rd Sunday outreach where we invite and transport the less fortunate within our community to Worship service, and provide them with meals, clothes, toiletries and hairstyles/haircuts.
  • The Evangelism Education Department (EED) trains leaders and churches in Evangelism techniques, as well as share the Gospel with others.
    • Door to Door (D2D) — through face-to-face Evangelism, we service the community through community canvassing, door-knocker bags, flyer distribution and block parties.
    • Creative Arts — we reach the lost through areas of art that include dance, music, song, theater and puppetry.
    • Church plants — in conjunction with D2D, selected areas are targeted to expand the ministry of New Birth into cities, states or regions.
  • Urban Evangelism — Urban Evangelists live in communities within a 3-to-10-mile radius of New Birth; they seek to offer Christ through activities such as Bible studies, financial seminars, field trips, block parties and more. We currently serve Highland Chase Apartments (Stone Mountain), Highland Brooke (College Park) and Mercy Housing (Lithonia).

New Birth Knights Motorcycle Ministry is comprised of men and women whose primary goal is to share the love of motorcycles through Christian fellowship, excellent service, and safety. Activities include:

  • Bike Community Outreaches.
  • Ministry (group) rides.
  • Two- wheel Sundays — 4th Sunday of every month.
  • Safety training to the cycling community.

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New Birth Prayer Ministry
We are joined together with Christ, our Chief Intercessor, who ever lives to make intercession for us. We are joined with Bishop Long to carry out the vision that God gives him so that through our prayers, the vision is manifested now and beyond tomorrow. As Kingdom intercessors, we have the responsibility of caring for the Body of Christ through prayer. Just as each family within the Tribe of Levi was assigned to care for a specific part of the tabernacle, the New Birth Prayer teams are all charged to pray for Bishop Eddie Long, First Lady Elder Vanessa Long, the First Family, the Father's House**, New Birth Leadership, the New Birth Congregation, New Birth staff and ministries, the community, the lost, governments, our nation and the nations of the world.

Action Teams — Intercessory prayer team that serves within the Sanctuary, assigned Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays to offer special petitions to God for Bishop Long, First Lady Long and their children, leadership, all ministries and the congregation of New Birth as well as the Father's House, our communities, government, nation and world at large. The Sanctuary Prayer Team sets the atmosphere through prayer, praying before, during and after worship services.

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  • Worship Services: Saturday 8:30 a.m. & Sunday 7:45 a.m. & 10:45 a.m.
  • Student Ministry Services: Sunday 10:45 a.m.
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