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Repairing the House Divided

October 25, 2014

Matthew 12:25; John 13:34–35

Key Verse: Matthew 12:25b

Every city or house divided against itself will not stand.

Japan has one of the most dynamic and productive economies in the modern world. Its remarkable growth over the past fifty years can be attributed in part to the stability of the family unit in that society. The Japanese have succeeded where others have failed because they understand that wealth and riches are generated through the family and passed on to future generations. They go into covenant with one another, and they honor those covenants. God’s laws work for anyone who follows them—even if they are not Christians.

The American economy is generally considered the strongest and largest in the world, but serious cracks show in our foundation. The most serious is the disintegration of the American family unit. The family is the nurturing place for tomorrow’s generation; it determines in large part the health, productivity, and creativity of tomorrow’s leaders and pioneers. By all indications, America’s tomorrow does not look very promising unless changes take place.

Our economy shows the effects of the chaos and instability in our homes. We have husbands who do not want to accept responsibility or assume proper leadership roles, and we have wives who refuse to submit to anyone—especially to their husbands. Our homes resemble raging battlefields more than places of refuge because family members constantly struggle for first place, the final word, or the domination of others.

I have painted a gloomy picture, but it does not reflect my vision for America. God has a better plan, and it must begin with the families in His kingdom. Can you imagine what life would be like if our families were intact and fully functioning as beacons of hope and power in our cities? I think God would bless us with so much peace, and productivity that we would all be amazed! Do you want that in your home? Pray this prayer with me:


Heavenly Father, I am tired of the strife, chaos, and confusion in my home. I repent for taking this long to come to my senses. Today I restore the order of God in my home, no matter what the cost. Life is too short for us to live our days in strife and conflict. In Jesus’ name, I release the peace of God, the order of God, the power of God, and the fear of God into my home in Jesus’ name, amen.

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October 25, 2014 - Repairing the House Divided

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