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On most “About Us” pages, the organization chronicles its history and special milestones. While we have a rich history with many key events over the past 20-plus years that Bishop Long has been the pastor at New Birth, it’s still really not “about us”; it’s about God and how faithful He has been. God’s hand has always been in Eddie L. Long’s life (just as it has been in yours). As a young child he knew the emptiness that impacts a boy’s life when he is raised by a father who doesn’t know how to show love to his sons. As a young boy he knew the harm that can be done to a child when people tell him he’ll never amount to much. As an adult he knows the shame that comes with being homeless. As a man, he knows the sense of failure that divorce brings. Yet, as with Joseph, his experiences, painful though they might have been, were all for a purpose: to prepare him to guide thousands into the goodness of God.

As a church, New Birth has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of living as a light in a dark world — but we’ve also experienced the joy and manifest blessing of a God who is faithful to His Word and to His people. We don’t really think of ourselves as a “megachurch” but rather a body of believers who are united in purpose, vision and destiny:

  • restore and build strong families so that our foundation is strong.
  • make an impact in our local community so that people know that God loves them and we care.
  • develop believers into leaders so that as we follow Christ we will lead men.

We’ve been blessed, and we pray that we are a blessing to you!

The Vision

God has given Bishop Long a big vision: to Love, Live and Lead Like Christ.

Service Times

Bishop Eddie Long

When the leader and visionary of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church first held his shepherd’s staff in 1987, he had just over 300 followers. Today, Bishop Eddie L. Long is senior pastor of a membership that’s more than 25,000 strong and growing.

The Long Family

Bishop Long is a man of tremendous compassion who exemplifies the term “a giver.” It is not at all unusual for him to personally extend help to members in need or to lead the charge in the community to help those less fortunate.


What We Believe

What we believe at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

Meet the Staff


Would you like to work with New Birth? See our current list of all available positions at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Your dream job may be right here with New Birth!

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  • Worship Services: Saturday 8:30 a.m. & Sunday 7:45 a.m. & 10:45 a.m.
  • Student Ministry Services: Sunday 10:45 a.m.
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